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DC Attractions: Insider Mobility Information

White House

This iconic home of the President and his family is an absolute must-see when visiting Washington D.C. Whether you just view from outside the gates (the sidewalk in front is wheelchair accessible) or arrange to join a pubic tour, seeing this seat of US power is real-life an impressive experience. The White House offers a range of tours, where you’ll be able to see a number of the rooms that visiting dignitaries and the First Family use on a regular basis.  

Public tours of the White House are available to the public however; requests must be submitted through one’s Member of Congress or embassy three weeks to six months in advance. Accommodations for mobility equipment users may be made by advance notice to the office through which the tour was booked. There are a limited number of wheelchairs available for use at the White House, but booking in advance with Scootaround will ensure that your mobility needs are taken care of. 


Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum and research complex, and is seriously impressive. Founded in 1846, there are 19 museums and galleries in the complex showcasing everything from Asian Art, Aviation and Spaceflight History, Native American Art and History, and the National Zoological Park. There is a lot to see, so advance planning is advised and having an electric scooter or wheelchair will ensure that you are able to see a much of the Smithsonian as possible.

All facilities are equipped with at least one entrance that is accessible to visitors with limited mobility and free manual wheelchairs are available for loan on a first-come, first-serve basis within each museum. The Smithsonian’s Accessibility Program works to provide consistent, effortless access to the Institutions programs, collections and facilities for all, including those with limited mobility. 

National Mall and Memorial Parks

Each year, millions of people visit the National Mall to commemorate presidential legacies, to honor the nation’s veterans and to celebrate the nation’s commitment to freedom and equality. The National Mall is the strip of green space between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building.  Adjacent to the National Mall is West Potomac Park, which incorporates the Lincoln Memorial, the Reflecting Pool and other memorials.

The National Mall and Parks is almost entirely wheelchair accessible and offers accessible passenger loading zones and parking. Many tours are offered within the Mall and parks that are able to accommodate mobility devices. However, because of stairs and unpaved sidewalks not every tour is wheelchair accessible therefore, call ahead to make arrangements. 


News junkies, or anyone that is interested in the world around them, will find the Newseum a fun attraction that is hands-on and fun despite being highly informative. Here you’ll find interesting artifacts such as pieces of the Berlin Wall and Pulitzer Prize winning photography, as well as many video exhibits. This interactive museum of news and journalism spans 7 levels and 250,000 square feet, so giving yourself plenty of time to explore and securing an electric scooter or wheelchair in advance will ensure that you are able to see all 15 theatres and 14 galleries.  

No other Washington D.C. attraction makes history come alive like the Newseum and it is entirely wheelchair accessible.  Elevators are located on the west and east side of the building, provide access to all seven floors. Newseum also provides free wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walking aids on a first-come, first-served basis with no reservations. 

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