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Disney World Attractions: Insider Mobility Information

Cinderella's Castle

When you enter the Magic Kingdom you can’t help be wowed by Cinderella’s Castle towering above you, seemingly at the center of everything. By day, the Castle is pretty and serves as stage to the Dream Along with Mickey live show where characters dance and sing to the delight of kids big and small (and grown ups too), and by night the stunningly lit Castle glows, and is the centerpiece from which the epic nightly fireworks displays erupt from. Step inside the Castle to admire glass mosaic murals telling the tale of Cinderella, and there’s the Bibbidi Bobbedi Boutique beauty salon where girls and boys are made over as their favorite Disney princesses or pirates.


Another cool experience that takes part at the Castle is the Cinderella’s Royal Table dining experience. You ascend to the banquet hall via a spiral staircase (or gilded elevator if you have mobility issues), and are treated to a wonderful meal as classic Disney princesses mingle with guests. This is ridiculously popular and must be booked in advance (as in 180 days in advance), and you can meet the princesses for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Wild Africa Trek

If you’ve always dreamed of going on safari, then the Wild Africa Trek offers you a three-hour semi-private guided tour through its animal habitats that will get you very close to the animals in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You’ll see big cats, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, and all manner of other impressive creatures, and learn about them from knowledgeable guides who are available to answer your every question.


Looking at pictures of this tour you’ll see there’s a rope bridge and various other parts that obviously are not going to be wheelchair friendly. Don’t worry, Disney World offers an adapted disability tour that will still ensure you get to enjoy Animal Kingdom up close and personal (just be sure to request this tour when you make your booking). There is an additional charge for the tour, but at $189 - $249 per person it’s a lot cheaper than heading to Africa to go on an actual safari.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Because you have to do at least one scary ride, you might as well make it an absolutely terrifying one. Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is based in the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel. The premise is that something went very wrong in the hotel, and you get trapped there. The ride hurtles guests up and down at great speed in a haunted elevator, and you feel your stomach drop as you go. If you haven’t been on a thrill-ride for a long time, this is a great one to break your dry spell with.


Relaying all the cool retro creepiness of the Twilight Zone TV show, the signature music and sound effects create the perfect atmosphere as soon as you enter the ride and there’s lots of cool memorabilia to look at as you go through to board. This ride, like most at Disney, is accessible. You just have to transfer to a standard wheelchair once you get to the ride.


First time visitors to Disney World may not even realize how much adults only entertainment there is to be found there, and if you’ve had enough of children after spending a long day in the parks, then Jellyrolls is the perfect place to head. This dueling piano bar sets two ridiculously skilled pianists against each other as they take requests and belt out hit after hit to a happy crowd of singing guests. There’s an extra element of fun as people try and stump the musicians with odd requests, but that’s hard to do as they seem to know every song requested (apparently requesting Benny and the Jets makes the crowd go wild every time). Want to make a request? You just scribble it down on a napkin and slide it over to the pianists with a few bucks, or however much you think that particular song is worth to you.


You have to be 21 to get in, and although there’s a cover charge and drinks aren’t cheap, you won’t care because the atmosphere is so much fun and you’re going to have an absolute blast. Jellyrolls is fully accessible to both wheelchairs and electric scooters.

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